An advanced data center in Australia

Amaze is among the premier data centers in Australia. It boasts an excellent location, a big peering network and works with several top–tier clients. The temperature and humidity levels are sustained in accordance with energy conservation standards at all times.

The data center offers remarkable connectivity with all the countries in the Asia–Pacific region, which will ensure the fastest possible loading speeds for your web sites.

Very good network connectivity

The Amaze data center has got its own communication layer, which has access to the infrastructure of multiple TSPs. The 2(N+1) configuration of the client distribution layer guarantees the hassle–free addition of new physical servers. Special N+1 communication rooms accommodate leading local and global telecommunications service providers to ensure unmatched connectivity options for your Internet presence. This allows your websites to open remarkably fast not only in Australia and Oceania, but also anywhere in the world.

The data center in Australia facility offers diverse pathways and cable routes allowing for additional network access providers to be added. Custom–made satellite and aerial devices can be installed in a specially designated place on the data center facility’s rooftop.

Energy and air conditioning systems

ARServices Hosting’s Australian–based data center is built to operate in accordance with enhanced Tier III standards, which means that it offers a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. The facility is connected directly to the National Grid via two independent 20 MVA mains feeds. If anything goes wrong, twenty two diesel–powered generators are available to take over the load at any given time.

Amaze offers N+1 cooling options, meaning that we can add as many physical servers as we need, without needing to modify the current cooling capacity. This permits us to add extra physical servers to our shared web hosting platform at any time, without putting them in danger of overheating.

Security and server monitoring environment

A team of highly qualified techs is on duty 24–7–365 to ensure perfect hosting conditions for your sites. BMS and SCADA systems are keeping track of the electrical and mechanical equipment. 24x7 closed–circuit television surveillance and mantraps make the data center facility very safe.

All this is bundled with our customized monitoring and alerting system, which gives our system administrators full control over the server network.

Servers network

We’ve been partnering with Amaze for a few years now and have placed a large number of servers in the data center. Our server network features production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and many more.

The data center boasts a team of proficient techs who help us set up a completely new server from scratch and add it to our Linux shared web hosting network within several hours.

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